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Patrick005 at the San Diego Comic Con (July 22, 2004)

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ComiCon Thursday was hella busy for a Thursday.  That means it's going to be hella busier the next two days. Yowza! I also went and paid for my tickets for 2005 already, and I became badge number 68. Sixty-eight! Damnit, if I waited one more person I would have been number 69 !!!

Anyways I'm beat for the day, there weren't any panels that I wanted to see (they're all in the next three days). I did however spent practically five to six hours walking from one end of the exhibit hall to the other end.  Talk about huge.

I was also able to meet these film makers though, and they've invited me to consider helping them out on their next projects.  E-mails have been exchanged, so we'll see how it goes there for the future.

Alright, for now here are three pictures for you folks....

aaarrrgghhhh, he's messing up my hair!!!!

I have a couple more pictures of her and her replacement. I also took ten second .avi clips of both (I love my new camera).

These guys are sooo cute.  I also took .avi clips of these two.
so cute.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, main