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Patrick005 at the San Diego Comic Con (July 23, 2004)

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Greetings again from San Diego. Friday was tons better than the first one, probably because I got to enjoy some panels.  Keanu Reeves + 18 minutes of Constantine movie clips. Eliza Dushku. A whole episode of the Batman animated series.  And ofcourse, more photos photos photos.

What's funny is that my friend who went with me to the Con was really beat and tired.  So at about 8pm, I took him back home...which is like a 110mile one way trip.... I had no problems with that since he is willing to pay his share of the hotel as if he is still staying here...and gas, he will pay for gas. My only beef with that is that I missed a sneak preview of "My Big Fat Independent Movie."  So after dropping him off I immediately headed back to San Diego.  It then dawned on me that maybe I could have called Peter or Kenny and asked if they wanted to go for the weekend, especially since I was then only 20 miles away from them.  But alas I was already in motion for San Diego, so too bad, maybe next year. nyah nyah nyah

Then I went back, stayed in my room for awhile then decided to go visit my other friends' who are staying at another hotel.  I started walking the streets of  San Diego when I realized that it's already 12:45AM and I am roaming around alone.  Talk about asking to get mugged! But I kept my wits aboot and nothing bad happened. 

But enough of that.  Today's featured pics are of some of the stars that showed up for the comic-con.

respect yo! It's Keanu!

Have some faith, it's Eliza Dushku!

Jessica Biel in the house!

Keep in mind that these shots were taken when me and my 10x optical zoom camera were more or less 75 feet away from the subject.  So let the quality speak for itself.

Now, some bonus pics just for the guys (and there's still more than these too)....

Well it's been inquired to me as to what exactly the "girl in the glass case"  does.  Well howabout some of those videos I mentioned to give you an idea? (video edited & compressed 1.5megs)
Keep in mind that they did this on Thursday, but did not repeat this form of "advertisement" for Friday.  We'll just have to wait about Saturday and Sunday now won't we?

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, main