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Patrick005 at the San Diego Comic Con (July 24, 2004)

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Alright, Day 4 is over, as well as half of my day of rest. But here's the update, finally.
First off, howabout two videos from the masquerade show from Saturday night ey?

That Sunday morning, I checked out of my hotel room, and I've got to say that I do not mind reserving over there next year (The Westin Horton Plaza Hotel). I also liked their quick check out method, very nice.

Since the past two days I didn't get much walk time down stairs at the dealer's room, sunday is usually the day I go back for another run.  I ended up buying another t-shirt and a DVD, but nothing else, so it wasn't too bad on my wallet. Wait, actually it was, by the time I left the Con, I was down to $10. What I did notice this time around though, is that there aren't as much costumed folks this Sunday compared to last year's Sunday.  Where were all the masquerade competitors? Hardly anyone of them stuck around long enough.  It could be because of all the bulk in their costumes.

On to the panels upstairs!

While waiting for the Serenity panel, I sat in for the Shaun of the Dead presentation. I'm glad I did, because I now SSOOOO want to watch it (Official site for Shaun of the Dead) as well as the TV series Spaced, that the creators are also famous from (Spaced - summary & cast).

Right afterwards the Serenity panel began, and Joss Whedon and the whole cast of Firefly / Serenity was given a huge and long standing ovationThey deserve it, damn I love that show, and wished it wasn't so short lived on TV.  The panel was in utter chaos with questions, answers, and just the rapport between the cast was wonderful (like all good panels should be).  Unfortunately, they were only given a one hour presentation.  But they at least did show a trailer for their movie : Serenity (spring 2005 - support it damnit!). As soon as the panel ended, we all headed for the line of their autograph section, and one minute later the line is already full.  Sadly, I'm not in that line that is already full. Tough break and it was hard to take pictures through the crowd around them.

After that, I ended up in the dealer's room again, to see if there's anything else I missed... or anyone.  There IS this one person that I wanted to see, whom I've seen for two years in a row now. 2002 she was Psylocke and 2003 she was Voodoo and she even got a few seconds in a scene from Comic Book the Movie. For 2004, I know she is Kosmos from the game Xenoxaga since she finally entered the Masquerade ball and I was surprised to see her on stage. Walking around the dealer's room, I pretty much gave up and was headed for the door to go home when lo and behold...

So there she was.  She understandably did not remember me, but that's okay. I started talking to her a bit, which must have annoyed her boyfriend / husband (don't know), and then I got her picture. I then came back around to see her again, and asked her for a favor.  I told her that last year, I asked her to do an action shot of her with me, so I asked her if she can do another one, and well....the picture speaks for itself.  *sigh* I guess I'm crushing on her a bit.

So I was a happy guy, the day couldn't end any better as far as I'm concerned.  Went for my car, and ended up driving 2hrs 30 mins going home (DAMN TRAFFIC!).

P.S. Are these not one of the best Xena impersonators you've ever seen?

alright, I'm done.  I'll continue updating more stuff about Comic Con 2004 at

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